Pet Sitting Scam

On February 5th, my business partner and I received the following email:



I just saw your post as a pet caregiver on www and I’m hoping to talk with you more about it. How many years of professional pet sitting experience have you accumulated while working with Pets? Can I contract your services for my pet, a Samoyed dog by the name Bella? I shall be needing services starting from March 2nd and would stretch till March 31st. I’m flexible with start time but preferably between 10AM-11AM, when i will be off to work. At least a minimum of 1hrs daily, (MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAYS).Services include walking, feeding and general care. You will be caring for her at my rented suite. Can you tell me your exact location (i.e the closest Major Intersection to your home) so I can calculate how close it will be to my rented suite and also to make further arrangements for the task. I look forward to reading from you soon.


We continued correspondence with this guy for the following two weeks until yesterday when we received a fraudulent check from him for way more than we had originally agreed upon. We sent him an email asking for clarification and this was his response:
Thanks for letting me know you have received the package and it’s in the right tune of $2.950. It covers the payment of your service plus token for the running around you shall be doing while procuring Bella’s supplies and the rest of the fund will be for the purchase of the items. I am also getting a notification from my office that my stay might extended for another month, the reason the funds is that amount to conveniently cater for the procurement of everything Bella will be needing in one stock and also to have her completely covered for the time frame. I’m sorry i didn’t notify you earlier about my extension and i hope you are not mad with me. I will be heading for a meeting shortly, when i’m done at work later today. i will send you an email with detailed instructions on how to procure Bella’s materials. You can email or text me when the payment is deposited. Thanks
We decided to continue playing his scam this morning by telling him that we had deposited the check and the funds were clear (we didn’t deposit it of course), and he sent us further instructions:

Good Morning Blake,

I hope you had a wonderful night rest ? Thanks for keeping me updated with the deposit you made yesterday and i must also appreciate your concern towards taking care of my pet. Meanwhile, I am getting a notification from my office that my stay might be extended for another month. Upon final confirmation from my office, I’m making arrangement for the procurement of everything Bella will be needing in one stock and also to have her completely covered for the time frame.

While i was on break yesterday, I was looking up a few pet items from a store where i found foods, beautiful toys and some other sundry materials for Bella’s comfort at a discounted rate. I added and booked up these items for her so she can have something to play with and to keep her busy when she is with you and most especially when she is with with me over the weekends.

I can understand you have busy schedules and i wouldn’t want to stress you in anyway regarding the picking up of Bella’s items one after the other and since i would prefer to procure all the items in one supply, i spoke with Mr John the store manager and we reached a consensus to send payment for the order i put up with them by means of MONEY GRAM transfer which is fast. Hence, here is what to do this morning to have the items procured and please ensure you follow the instructions carefully.

1. Proceed to your bank and have cash withdraw which is ($2,950) as it will be readily available.

2. Deduct $800 i.e ($200/week) which covers the payment of your services plus $50 for your running around, while you transfer the rest of the funds($2,100) to the store manager who would be supplying Bella’s materials plus foodstuffs via an overnight courier, the funds also include the shipping fee. The materials are expensive items including her foodstuffs hence treat with care.

3. The store manager suggested that the funds ($2,100) be split into two halves i.e ($1,050 each) and sent via two MONEY GRAM locations to enable him receive the funds without any delay as the locations around him are sometimes short of dollars. Hence, you will be visiting two MONEY GRAM locations and have the funds to Mr John Coleman with the information below:

Name:         JOHN COLEMAN
City:           AUSTIN
State:         TEXAS

Copy this information on a clean sheet of paper.

Note that you are to deduct the transfer charges from the $1,050 each you are sending at the two locations. As soon as the transfer is made, get back to me with the two transfer details i.e TWO REFERENCE NUMBERS as you have them on the transfer receipts and the total amount that went to store after deducting the transfer charges.  Also remember to choose transfer in MINUTES so that the store could receive the funds immediately.

I will forward these details to the store for the immediate release of Bella’s items as I want all in place and properly arranged prior to my arrival. The materials would be sent down to your residence so that you can have it kept safe prior to our arrival. I hope all is clear as i anticipate the best care for Bella and I believe you won’t let us down.

Awaiting your reply.



Find below the list of Money Gram location close to you where you can make the transfer:

And he goes on to list some Moneygram locations next to our residence. We carried it this far because we wanted to know what his angle was, as it wasn’t clear last night. Now that we know what he actually wants, we will be turning his information over to the authorities, and we told him that. Beware fellow pet sitters! This guy has been doing this for a long time. You can find further evidence of his work on this blog:

Good luck everyone and happy (scam-free) pet sitting!


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